River & Fifth

Broccolini Construction have been building in Canada for over seven years. They’ve, completed over 40 million square feet of real estate in that career, from residential to industrial to commercial.

They not only do development, they also do construction. We know there’s, so few builders that have that capacity. So, really triple a builder to invest. You’re safe when he chicly chose this location in Toronto’s; downtown to ease in the proximity to the commercial development that’s being undertaken by Cadillac pair you and the Portland’s Authority to the South of us about a five minute walk to be southeast is the future site of 62 acres of commercial land, all commercial.

It’s being converted into 12 million square feet of office space, including transit hub, so Cadillac Fairview is going to be undertaking that development. We might remember they were the first to build in the south financial core.

Now we’re. Looking at building up the East financial part, so this is a large part of why properly chosen location looking at the world is happening here. It is located between mark streets and north deprived Street on the west face and look back to the settle.

The east boundary is a natural protection, which is the car plan that closed all the way up and down the Don River so to the east. We do have that somewhat protected side line, those of us. What the Builder will do here between the south edge of mobility and Labatt street is created at 10,000 square foot part that will be contributing back to the city, also tying in to the natural boundary that surrounds us from this mark.

This is where the Builder will create a set of stairs leading down the slope of Bayview, and the city will help to create a sidewalk and cycle path, leading down Bayview from gen dots all the way through daling 16.

That will connect us into East Harbor by making it only a five-minute walk delving into the building. On the west side, you have townhomes on the first two levels, entrance to the building supposed to be five deprived on the north side.

On mark Street, we have the entrance to the parking facilities and subsidary entrance to the building. Here, along the east side, this development will create a nice little toss pulling into the apartment, and again we have two-story townhomes on the east side as well from the 3rd to the 11th floor.

This is where we hold our podium collection and some of our amenities, which would be on the third and fourth floors indoors: co-working facilities, children’s; playroom adult game room, massive gym with boxing studios, ballet studios, all the bells and whistles building up onto The 12th floor we have some of our other outdoor amenities, which is the outdoor pool.

Here. On the southwest side, we have some cabanas hosta lounging course. We’ll have some barbecues out here and within the 12th floor is after we & # 39. Ll have our party rooms, dining facilities and changes to the exterior starting.

On the 14th floor, we’re skipping level 13 security on the 14th level here running up to be 37 floors where we hold their power section and that the 38th and 39th floor would be our super 8 penthouses, which will be released soon.

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